Friday, May 25, 2012

My Experience At The Opera

Today, my job required me to accompany my nine year old on a school field trip to a little place called the opera! It's something that everyone should do when in Italy for an extended period of
time, and was certainly an experience that I will never forget. Unfortunately for most people, the opera has a price tag that is too high, robbing them of something so wonderful and traditionally Italian that it is often an experience too expensive. But since I technically went for "work", my boss actually paid for me to go. And let me just say - it was so good, that I would have probably forked out the money myself even if it wasn't free.
The opera house we went to is located close to via Nazionale, a notorious street in Rome. It had a red carpet outside that led to the beautiful theatre that was decorated with red velvet and gold details. There were floor seats, two public balconies, and a series of private balconies for the super rich and privileged. A grand piano was sectioned off in the corner, and a massive stage with blonde wood
The most fun thing. Ever.
that stood proudly at the front. The opera lasted for approximately two hours, and was based on Mozart's famous ballads. I was pleased with myself for being able to recognize some of the songs, thanks to my host mom who likes to play classical music through our floor (by "our" foor I mean the second living room/library, the parents bedroom, and mine). I also got to see the house where Mozart was born during my Christmas trip in Salzburg, so the opera for me was very special.
The people in the opera were so beautiful and wore the most intricate layered clothes that I've seen in a long time, and it inspired me to make sure I do something when I get home... Root through ye ol' dress up trunk! When I was younger, one of my 
Exhibit A: Itsy bitsy green bikini, purple
beads, beret and cowboy boots. The
usual things you'll find in my closet.
favourite things to do after school and during the summertime was to run over to my friend Shayna's house with my sister Nicole and explore through her many dress up boxes that were stored in her mom's art studio. The three of us would try on all the crazy outfits that came from only God knows where, and made scenarios and created plays. Our most famous "play" was called Murder On Vimy Road (the name of our street), that was a chilling play about... well... a murder on our street that was plotted in order to seek revenge on the most beautiful daughter in the Cornellius household. Most of our creations were recorded on our video camera, which means that unfortunately for me, I have a lot to fear for when my wedding day comes and my parents reveal to my husband, in laws and friends what a wild child I truly was. I remember specifically one of me dancing around half naked wearing nothing but a orange fringed skirt singing a song that was once on a cereal commercial... Oh God.
Anyway, Nicole and I were inspired (and jealous) of Shayna's treasures of vintage clothing, so we began our own dress up box. One box became two, and two became three, and now we have a large collection of funky clothing that used to be my mom's clothes (some dating as far back to the 70's), bought from thrift stores, and even our own old clothes. The trunks are now filled with fun vests, big skirts, and just about anything that you 
could imagine in a dress up box. Black dresses with fishnet arms, long white gloves, tops with way too many sequins, crazy hats, corsets (a proud purchase of mine that I spent a whole $10 
Mount Vesuvius from Naples.
on after negotiating with one of the salesmen at a vintage shop), and scarfs. But some of the clothes in there that were just for fun are actually cool now.
Of course I'm not going to start a new trend of wearing the white silk gloves that look like the ones Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's, but if I piece things right and use my scissors wisely, I think I might find some new things to add to my wardrobe without having to spend any money. I've been talking quite a bit with my soon-to-be roommate Becca about things we both want to do in Halifax. She told me she loves vintage clothing, and that she'd love to dig through some vintage stores in the city. I'm so excited, because everyone knows that people who love vintage are effortlessly cool, and have a good eye for the fine things in life.
Tonight my sister is coming over to watch Erin Brockovich on the big screen upstairs, and then tomorrow we're taking off to the train station to spend the morning in Naples, and the afternoon in Pompei. We really want to take the train to Pompei, but in order to get there, we first have to stop in Naples. You know that saying, "All roads lead to Rome"? Not true. Because Pompei doesn't.

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