Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Is Whenever I'm With You

Last night I came to a great realization that leaves me in strange state of mind. As of this very moment, I have exactly three weeks left in Italy. My flight home to Canada leaves on 
Wednesday, June 6th, which means that the clock is ticking. My time is running out and I can't flip the hourglass to the other side. Truthfully, nine months is a really long time to be away from family, friends, my bed, my backyard, and everything else I love. I even miss my grouchy little cat Cleo whose hobbies involve scratching my friends faces off and hunting for bunnies that nest in our forest. I knew that if I had to go home tomorrow I wouldn't be ready, but I also feel that it's time to go home. 
It's really bittersweet, because I love my life here in Rome. The weather is fabulous, the food is to die for, the art is breathtaking, and people truly know how to live la dolce vita. I'm going to miss walking around and gawking at all the history and character of the buildings and ruins. Canada definitely lacks history, but I guess we make up for it in maple syrup.
I'm going to miss my friends, some of whom I know that, deep down, I will never see again, and 
Mia casa.
other's who I will truly try to Skype with, send postcards, and keep in touch with for life to the best of my ability. I'm going to miss my kids who have grown on me so, so much since I started working for them in November. I'm going to miss my beautiful five story yellow townhouse in the centre of Rome, in the bustling neighbourhood of Campo dei Fiori where you can negotiate over cool pasta, handbags, and crepes all in the same place. I'm going to miss the Pauly D lookalike in my favourite pizzeria, and running into people at Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. I'm going to miss my life here.
And yet, at the same time, I'm excited to go back to the Great White North. I can't wait to reunite with family and friends and curl up on my couch to catch the latest episode of 1Girl5Gays. I'm excited to see my hot and overly fashionable Cuban hairdresser, Omar, who will shoot me as soon as I walk through the door for not getting a haircut in nine months. I'm excited to hear silence as I fall asleep and play with my brand new yellow lab puppy, Samson, who my mom is picking out tomorrow. I'm excited to be able to go for a jog on the Friendship Trail without rolling my eyes at disgusting Italian men who think that checking out girls is the national sport, and jump on my 
The Friendship Trail winding through the place I call home.
trampoline in the backyard (it's great exercise, in case you didn't know). I'm excited to get a proper cell phone where I can keep in touch with civilization without having to sit down at a computer. I'm excited to go grocery shopping at Sobey's and shop past 8 pm.
It's always the little things you miss and that are important in life. It's kind of like this: one of my most vivid childhood memories involves the time my mom bought a new car years and years ago. When she came home from work, she surprised my sister and I by taking us for a ride in it and eventually pulled into McDonald's. We hardly ever got to eat at McDonald's due to my mom's intelligence and concern for our health, but it was just the coolest thing ever. Even though it wasn't a big deal, I've remembered it for years. See? Sometimes it really is the little things that count.
Oh so close!
But me coming home is a big deal, and it's crazy to think that after nearly a year, I'm coming home. My feelings are on an emotional roller coaster ride, and I don't know how to feel. It's a mix between happiness for coming home, and sadness for leaving Rome. Although I want to make every last minute count,and so this morning, my sister, Jeanny and I walked over to the Vatican where we saw the Pope make a speech (or hold a mass; it was in Latin, so I couldn't really tell what was going on). It was the second time now that I've seen the Pope, which is something that many people can't say. Although I am not a fan of Catholicism, there is something so special and almost scary about being in the presence of someone who has complete control over the Catholic church. It's a time in my life where I realize that I have to seize every moment, because everything I do here could be my last until I return again.
The most beautiful place in the world and the place that I call home.

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