Friday, May 18, 2012

The Best Thing That's Ever Been In My Mouth

Today was a dream that I never wanted to wake up from. Ever. First of all, I have been so preoccupied by sharing details of my adventures outside of Italy that I haven't been able to talk about something that I was leading up to before I neglected you all by hopping on a Ryanair plane and jetting off to northern Europe. So - my sister is here! With me! IN ROME! Have you ever been away from your one and only sibling for eight whole months? We're reunited, and let me tell you, it feels oh-so good.
Her apartment is in the San Giovanni district which is approximately 20 minutes in walking distance to Il Colosseo. We've been spending lot's of time together, and today was no exception. I took the bus to her house on this warm and beautiful afternoon, where we went on a walk
somewhere that, quite frankly, makes me wish I could live in Italy forever. 
We walked over to Pompi, which is a famous shop here in not just Rome, but in all of Italy. What is this shop and why is it famous, you ask? Oh lord... Cue gospel music, grip your rosary, and keep your pants on. Are you ready for this? Even if you say you are, nothing could possibly prepare you for the delectable, juicy and mouth watering information I'm about to feed you all. I, MichElle Pressé, had the grand opportunity to... Wait for it... EAT THE BEST TIRAMISU IN THE WORLD. Yes. The world. Before you roll your eyes and tell me that your nonna makes the best tiramisu ever, let me tell you
Fridge full of heaven.
that I swear on my life I'm telling the truth. Your nonna doesn't have shit on Pompi.
Nicole and I spent 3.50 Euros on our own pie of goodgreatness. Let this be a testimony as to how much I love her that I didn't strike her down right then and there so that I could steal her piece as soon as I finished mine. After eating a pan like that, what's the point of ever eating again unless it's at Pompi? I swear I'll never eat another slice of tiramisu unless it's at that shop (fingers crossed behind my back). 
But... I mean... It was just so good. The experience was like this - if heaven is a real place, and if it has a taste, it is in that tiramisu. If there is truly pure and evil, this tiramisu was the purest of purity that makes the Virgin Mary in a white dress while drinking pure water from the Fiji mountains look like a streetwalker. Did I just compare tiramisu to the transformation of Mother Mary to a whore? Yup.
Good news - there is a God after all, people! I do not consider myself to be a religious person at all, but I actually tasted God in this tiramisu. I'm not one to argue against an Almighty power (that power being tiramisu), so I ate the whole thing. I ate so much until my mouth hurt from chewing, but the 
truth is that another piece laid out in front of me, I would've sacrificed for it.  The world could have ended right then and there, and I would've died happy, as long as the tiramisu was still sitting happily in my stomach. Call me crazy, but if it's possible to marry food, I would put on a white dress, go back to that shop, and vow to honour and stay faithful to thy beloved Mr. Tiramisu and to happily be in love until the day that both of us shall live.
I'm not crazy, I swear. If only everyone reading this blog could visit this shop and get a piece of what I had this afternoon. I will cry for you all tonight because I know it isn't possible, but if you ever take a trip to Rome, or Italy, or even Europe, eating at this shop is an absolute must do. My heart goes out to everyone who will never be able to savour this tiramisu at some point in their life, and a large part of my heart will fall off into the Mediterranean when I abandon Italy, knowing that I am leaving this tiramisu behind (which is available in pistacchio, strawberry, banana-chocolate and classic, by the way).
I'm not the skinny kind of person that believes there is a fat person inside of my body waiting to get out. I simply have an extremely high appreciation for fantastic food. I know good food when I see it/smell it/taste it. This shop truly deserves its title, and I will pass it along to everyone I meet. I hope I haven't teased you too much and that you sleep with ease tonight after hearing my description on what God tastes like. Although I cannot properly do it justice, it was one of my most memorable meals here in Italy (and in life), and I will cherish it forever. I even held onto the receipt to press into the photo album I have for when I return home. 

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