Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Commit To Fit

There's nothing sexy about being lazy.
Seriously. Nothing. Tell me one thing that's hot about it... Still thinking? Exactly. Which is why I've recently decided to commit to fit. Do you know how hard it is to do this while in Italy? Don't get me wrong - I still treat myself to pizza and gelato occasionally. But I eat it in moderation, which is a testimony as to how serious I truly am about becoming a more fit, energized, and stronger version of myself.
I've expressed time and time again about how I'm a big believer in having confidence and being happy with yourself and your body no matter what size you are. I think that all body shapes are beautiful and that there's nothing wrong with having a little meat on your bones. If I could l trade bodies with any celebrity, it would be Adele, who is far beyond my size. But I think she's so stunningly beautiful (even if Karl Lagerfield doesn't necessarily agree). However, I've recently taken it upon myself to get myself into shape.
When I say "get into shape," I don't mean that I want to lose weight, because I don't (but if you 
It's all about balance.
do, by all means). What I mean is that I just want to be healthier. I want to be able to run ten flights of stairs without collapsing when I get to the top. And, yes, the outline of a six pack I hope to have before the time I leave Italy and head home for the summer will just be a bonus. 
Everyone always claims that they're going to get in shape by exercising more and cutting junk food out of their life, but how many people last longer than the span of seven days? I've been motivated enough that, for the first time ever, I have kept this promise to myself and have passed the one week mark that people usually stop at. Every morning for over a week, I've been waking up at 6:30 am and jogging through the streets of Rome before having to wake the kids up. I haven't even had to dodge anyone on the sidewalks, because there's hardly anyone out at that time. The other benefit of jogging first thing in the morning is the immediate energy I have that most people don't have until lunch time. I've never felt so alive in my entire life, and I don't know what to do with all this liveliness except 
run. The kids used to be used to me coming into their bedroom while still in my own pj's while yawning and helping them get ready. I think they're afraid now that I've been opening their curtains while donning my workout gear and behaving cheerier at 7:30 in the morning than most people are at any time of day.
I've also been enjoying my meals and making the most of them. I don't mean scarfing down a McDonald's meal inside within ten minutes. I've been using my cooking skills and switching it up every day so I don't get bored with my meals, and I've been eating them all outside in the courtyard. There is an unexplainable pleasure in enjoying something delicious while seated at a dolled-up table in which bamboo sticks canopy over top. Healthy food, fresh air, sun, and beautiful scenery are the main ingredients in midday happiness. 
Something we do at home in Canada is replace real fruit with artificially flavoured, sugar 
Honestly, it doesn't even look good.
packed junk (nonetheless delicious). When we want something that tastes like strawberries, we opt for marshmallow strawberries rather than actual strawberries. People of the world - stop doing this! It's killing you, and you're not taking advantage of the earth's harvest and enjoying it's delectable goodness that isn't transformed into something that will clog your arteries before you hit the big 5-0. 
Not sure where to get started? Here's a few suggestions to kick start your own commit to fit. Don't do it because you want to impress someone else; your life isn't a monument to anyone. Commit to fit because you deserve to lead a better life. Commit to fit because you should be confident, happier, and because you should want to increase your chances of living as long as you possibly can. Life is too short for you to sit
around on the couch eating an entire bag of potato chips while half-dead on the couch watching mindless TV like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor... You're welcome!
1. Add something cute to your workout drawer to get you motivated. Hey - if a pair of spandex shorts from Lululemon is what it takes to get yourself on the treadmill, it's more than a pair of shorts - it's an investment, right?!
2. Introduce new (healthy!) foods into your life. Mixing it up and having variety will keep meal time from being boring.
3. Do not, on any condition, eat in front of the TV. You're focusing on whatever's on the screen, not what's on your plate. People who eat while watching TV tend to eat approximately 40% more than those who don't. 40%!
4. Have a fun workout. Even if you don't like to exercise, there is always something out there that is physically enticing for everyone. Try zumba, salsa dancing, or beach volleyball.
Your new best friend.
5. Listen to music! Create an upbeat playlist on your iPod to get you pumped up.
6. Don't let a rainy day (or week) interrupt your new lifestyle changes. Do squats, lift weights, watch a workout video, or play Wii to get you active indoors.
7. Drink water, and lot's of it. Eight glasses a day is what every person needs in order to stay hydrated. Not only is it good for your body, but it also contributes to the well being of your hair, skin, and nails.
8. Switch up your location. Instead of jogging at the track around your school's football field or in the ring on top of the gym, take yourself for a jog on the beach or in a beautiful park.
9. Find a workout buddy! Run, lift weights, or do a dance class together. Find something competitive to do like tennis or racing. Not only will you be more motivated to show off your strength to someone else, but it's fun to have someone to share your goals with.
10. Forget the scale. Weight is just a number - health is about loving how you look and feeling physically fit, even if the number isn't what you dream of.
11. Do not, by any means, diet. I'm going to give you a scenario in why they don't work. *Tommy wants to lose 15 pounds in order to impress *Janice, that hot blonde with the killer legs on his 
Please throw this away. Far, far away.
college volleyball team. But oh, no... After an immense amount of Facebook creeping, Tommy sees that Janice's ex boyfriends are all jacked. In order to feel more confident in pursuing the woman of his dreams, Tommy decides to go on a diet. After a lot of hard work, Tommy finally reaches his goal weight! However, upon losing 20 pounds, Tommy retreats back to the eating habits he had prior to his diet. He puts on 5 pounds. Then 10, and so on, until he is back to the weight he began at. Why? Because he didn't stick with his healthy eating habits. Do you want to lose weight for a little while, or keep it off for good? If you want to shed it for good, don't make a commitment to eat healthy for a little while. Commit to eating healthy forever.
12. Treat yourself once in a while. Having chocolate and greasy pizza is ok once in a while, as long as it isn't every other day and it's not pounds of it. Eat in moderation.
13. Replace fruit flavoured snacks with the real deal. Craving those yummy little banana flavoured candies? Eat an actual banana. In the mood for sour green apple gummies? Grab an actual apple. Although the faux version might give you satisfaction while eating them, you'll feel energetic and healthier after having the real thing.
14. Think about someone who means a lot to you (your fiancee, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, sibling, child). These people love you back, and want you to stick around in good health for as long as you possibly can.
15. REWARD YOURSELF - but not with a carton of ice cream. Congratulate yourself by getting a manicure, indulging in a new book, or buy shopping for the "it" handbag you've had your eye on. If you're a man, give yourself a high five, brag to your buddies, and touch yourself. Not particularly in that order.

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