Sunday, March 11, 2012

Princess Of China

This post is going to be short, but certainly not so sweet. Before I begin, let me just say that I'm not actually moving to China. I just wanted to grab everyone's attention to talk about an important subject. Now that I do have your attention (please don't punch me), I have two questions for you.
1) What kind of world do you want to see before you die?
2) Do you know who Joseph Kony is?
If you don't know the answer to question # 2, please educate yourself by watching this video on the world's #1 most wanted war criminal. For those of you who do know who Kony is, please check and see if your city is participating in Cover The Night. The reason for this event is to make Kony famous - not in celebration of him, but so that everyone spreads the message and supports his arrest. Because Rome had not yet taken action in creating this event, I did so myself through facebook and am organizing with a Swedish friend of mine to 
help make poster's and flyer's to put all over the city for Rome to see and tell people who Joseph Kony is. Other cities such as London and even my small town back home are getting together to adorn their cities with his face featuring the words, "KONY 2012. Stop at nothing." Please 'like' Invisible Children on facebook and send this video to everyone you know. But if you truly care, please do more than just click the 'like' button on facebook. Participate in your cities Cover The Night event or create one yourself if no
one has yet done so. All it takes is some art supplies and paper to make flyer's and posters, gather some friends who have big hearts, and create an event on the night of Friday, April 20th, beginning at 9 pm. For everyone who is publishing negative feedback on he situation, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I understand that a lot of charities, including Invisible Children, do not send 100% of people's donations to single individuals. But I like to see the best in everyone and believe that the more people who know who Kony is, the more likely it is that justice will be served, and rightfully so.
A short summary of the situation will be provided that was not written by me. I do not take credit for the following write up:
"Joseph Kony is currently the #1 world’s most wanted war criminal. In 1987, he reigned leadership of an existing rebel group and renamed it the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).
The LRA has earned a reputation for its cruel and brutal tactics. When Joseph Kony found himself running out of soldiers, he started abducting children to work in his army or “wives” for his officers. The LRA is encouraged to rape, mutilate, and kill civilians for no greater purpose than to rise Kony's personal power.
The LRA is no longer active in northern Uganda (where it originated) but it continues its campaign of violence in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and South Sudan. In its 26-year history, the LRA has abducted more than 30,000 children and displaced at least 2.1 million people."

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