Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MichElle Lately

"I finally got my letter of
truly feels like a lifetime.
Do you know what it feels like to wait for something that takes so long, you feel as though the thing you were waiting for is actually a figment of the imagination, nothing more than a hallucination of desire? That's exactly how I feel waiting for my university acceptance. Something that I do not even know if I will get or not. According to the University of King's College website, all their admission letter's are sent out on Friday, March 30th, and that a letter/e-mail should be received no later than Sunday, April 15th. That means that potentially, I could know if I will be moving to Halifax for the next four years and studying Journalism at my dream school within one week. No pressure.
In the meantime, I really can't complain. After all, I am living in the centre of the universe, surrounded by palm trees, nightlife and the finest of foods. In fact, everything has been great recently. Since today is my day off, I spent the morning shopping and went to the English bookstore, where I picked up a couple new guidebooks on cities I'm planning on visiting. I also bought that cool purple bikini that was in the windows of Yamamay. Then I took the bus 
to my old neighborhood in Rome to tutor and play with Giulia, the little sister I never had. The bus, sensing my happiness, came right on time, landing me in Corso Trieste earlier than expected. I celebrated this by ordering a generous slice of pizza from the local pizzeria. Well, I guess they could sense my good mood as well, because they gave it to me for half the price it should've cost. A huge, floppy, chewy, delicious slice of pizza with fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. It had just come out of the oven as I walked into the shop, and the cheese was still hot and bubbly by the time I bit into
it. Tonight, as I do religiously every Tuesday, I'm going to Scholar's. I'm meeting up with a couple friends for red wine on the steps of a beautiful church nestled in between Largo Argentina and Piazza Venezia. Since they have to work earlier tomorrow, I'm going to head there alone and see who I run into. And then tomorrow, I have a date with some friends to have a picnic at the park near Castle St. Angelo to sit in the hot Roman sun and munch on grapes for the afternoon. At this point, even if I do get rejected from the one school I applied to, I think I'll be just fine. Or maybe that's the red wine talking, because let's face it - as of Friday, every time I check into my e-mail my stomach will be filled with butterflies. Three more days until my anxiety attack begins.

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