Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My new home for the next four years!
"A big, suspicious envelope came in the mail today from King's... Should we open it?" 
This is the text message I received from my mom late last night, soon after I'd published a post about freaking out about being accepted to university. After reading this message, my nerves went from a level five to a gut wrenching level 10. I replied that yes, I would like her to please open the envelope this very second and to please text me back right away. This is where I began to pace around my bedroom.
I would stop every five seconds and stare at my telefonio, hoping to see it light up before the annoying beeping indicating that a new text message was delivered in my inbox. After what felt like the greater part of a decade, my phone finally shook with a vibrate that was to foretell my future. The news I've been dreading/excited about since I applied to school in January. 
I can't wait to meet you.
The news that I've been waiting for forever. The news that every time I think about, has caused my heart to jump up inside my throat and choke me. The news that just determined where I will be living for the next four years of my life. The text message read: "CONGRATULATIONS... You got accepted!!!"  I. Got. In. 
And rightfully so; I worked so hard at this, that it would have been a shock not to get accepted. More than that, it would've been a disappointment. A great, dark cloud of disappointment and rejection that would lead me to staring at the computer screen
blankly for five hours, hoping that if I stared at it long enough, the words would magically go from We're sorry to Congratulations. But it 
Autumn in Nova Scotia.
was congratulations. Which means that in late August, I will once again be leaving my small town in the south of Ontario for Halifax. A city in which I have never been to, but am already dying to explore. 
I haven't felt this excited about something since I decided to move to Italy. In my senior year of high school when my acceptances were pouring in from various universities across Ontario, I felt... nothing. Happy to know that I was recognized for my grades and extra curricular, but confused because I wasn't excited. Wasn't I supposed to be running to my mom's bedroom to tell her the good news and to immediately go shopping online for a new school spirited hoodie and search for one in pink? 
It's exactly how a person should feel upon being accepted to their dream school, and its exactly how I feel right now. I knew this was the right decision for me. 
And just what am I doing to celebrate this monumental moment in my life? With gelato, of course! A big cup from Della Palma, the finest gelateria in the whole world (probably). I walked through the whole city of Rome, licking and enjoying my afternoon treat with the warm sun on my back and a feeling that is so good, I cannot properly describe it. It's something like when you see your crush go from "In a Relationship" to "Single" on
facebook, or when your parents say, "We're getting a new puppy!" or when you win the lottery. I have yet to win the lottery, but once it happens, I'll try to describe that feeling too.
I've spent my entire morning surfing through the universities website, watching video's with information on the school from students and administration, and am in the midst of applying to residence. That's right - residence! I believe that every student should try to go to residence for their first year in order to have the true university experience. Not only that, but it's the best way to meet new people (not that I'm concerned about not making friends). The nice thing as well is that all of my resources are exactly where I need them - at my fingertips.
I want to do everything in Nova Scotia, but I also want to venture elsewhere in the Maritimes. I want to see the house of Anne of Green Gables in P.E.I. I want to stand at the edge of Newfoundland and Labrador so that I can touch the edge of Canada. I want to go whale watching. I want to do everything! I have at least four years of my life to spend there, so I'm sure time won't be much of a problem. As for school, I truly am excited to go back. I feel ready, and that it's the right decision for me. Now that I've done some exploring through Europe and found my "writing voice" through this blog, I'm prepared to get my education so that I can eventually work as a Journalist and fulfil my dreams. I'm happier than ever and this is the best news I could have possibly gotten. And it came when I was least expecting it. But until I endure the 20 or so hour drive there in September, I have people to catch up with and places to revisit that I haven't seen for almost a year. And until then, I still have some traveling to do here in Europe.

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