Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Big V

Victoria's Secret says Happy V-Day!
Everyone seems to have different opinions on Valentines Day. For people in love, its a day to celebrate romance. Its a day in which you're expected to buy your significant other a bouquet of flowers, an expensive box of chocolates, and diamonds. Its a day where you shell out your last paycheck and drop the money on a ritzy hotel with a heart shaped bed and rose petals strewn about while Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing is stuck in your head. Its a day to dig out that sexy pink and black frilly, lacy, silky sheer and maybe even leather bustier with the matching stockings and garter belt to remind your significant other as to how lucky he is to be with you. And if he doesn't do these things, then he must not love you. Right?
However, its a whole different story for single people. For the independent, Valentines Day is a day to reminisce on all of your exes and curl up on the couch with a box of Kleenex and think, Why doesn't he love me? and Should I have forgiven him for cheating? or If only he wasn't convicted of murder, he would be here with me right now so that 
"Fluffy, pass me another tissue."
wouldn't have to spend this holiday alone... Its a day to second guess every break up you've ever had in your entire life while watching The Notebook and shamefully eating Kraft Dinner out of the pot. Your cat on the opposite end of the couch notices this behaviour and even it becomes repulsed by your absurd howls of sadness. You make a promise to yourself that tomorrow you'll go to the mall to buy a new wardrobe, some pretty new makeup, and make a date with another one of your other single friends to hit a hot spot in town to find a new potential boyfriend. That way, you won't have to spend next Valentines Day alone. There's a lot of arguments against it, such as believing that couples should celebrate their love for each other every day, not just on February 14th. There are single sad people out
there, and it doesn't make them feel any better when the world creates a day for happy couples to rub it in their faces that they're alone. Also, couples have their anniversary to celebrate their love, damn it. Valentines Day is like a national, money grabbing second anniversary for every couple out there.
When I was younger, it used to be so much fun and uncomplicated. My sister and I would wake up extra early to find presents on the dining room table wrapped by my parents. There would also be three vases of flowers (pink for my sister and I; red for mom, of course). There would be an abundance of chocolates in from Laura Secord, cinnamon hearts, and my personal favourite - the pastel coloured hearts with messages written on them like U + Me = Kiss. Urs 4Ever. Luv U Baby. There would be a new Valentines themed outfit for us in either red or pink with a combination of hearts and the top always featured an 
Anything involving candy is ok with me.
adorable puppy or kitten in a basket or with a bow in arrow in its han - um, its paw. Clifford, Arthur and every other show would have a Valentines Day special and would hype us up for the festivities at school that day. There would be cupcakes sold in the front hall, and we would spend a large portion of our time walking around everyones desks handing out our Lizzie McGuire, Snoopy or Power Rangers cards. Or if you were extra artsy and creative, you would make them yourself. If you had a crush on someone in the class you would write I love you in the card and sign it with a question mark dotted with a heart in fear of being rejected by the person you had a crush on. I never did this, by the way.
In the past, I've had boyfriends shower me with candy and jewelry and take me out for dinner for Valentines. But now that I'm single, where do I stand? Well, my feelings are the same every year, whether I've spent this romantic holiday alone or not. I totally agree that this is
just a holiday responsible for Halmark's success. But I also think the idea is sweet, and especially fun when you're a child. But on the next Valentines Day that I'm in a relationship, I wouldn't expect said boyfriend to spend an entire paycheck to spoil me. I think if you truly believe in the idea behind this holiday, you shouldn't give in to its expectations. I personally would be satisfied with a home cooked meal and an original poem proclaiming his either serious or sweet feelings for me. I hope my next boyfriend is artistic and thoughtful. 
One of my favourite things about this holiday is seeing embarrassed men casually standing outside of La Senza and Victoria's Secret pretending to adjust their shoe laces or send a text
message, when really they're trying to gain enough courage to walk inside of the shop to pick out some sexy lingerie for their wife/mistress/girlfriend/friend with benefits. I can just imagine the struggle in his head wondering what the difference is between a thong and a G string, which colours would look more flattering on her skin tone, and dear God, what's her cup size? His face will continue to grow more and more red and eventually, one of the helpful sales ladies will walk up to him, help him out, and wrap it in beautiful, expensive paper. He will pay and then walk out of the shop as quickly as possible, embarrassed to have a hot pink bag swinging in his hand, but happy to treat his lover to something beautiful. And even happier to see her wearing it just for him.
Its too bad that couple's only treat each other romantically on special holidays like Valentines Day. The very handsome, very hysterical and very brilliant Adam Sandler said something that should make men everywhere stop and think for a minute. He said, "Any guy who waits for Valentines Day to treat his woman like a queen is failing 364 days a year."
So what am I going to do this Valentines? Even though I have the day off, I'm still going to wake the girls up and give them each a homemade Valentine and a little box of chocolates to share from that beautiful shop in Trastevere. Then I'm going to go for a walk around Rome and admire all the dolled up window displays and visit my favourite bakery to get myself some treats. I'm going to spend part of the day writing another blog post and end the day with a hot bubble bath completed with a lavender scented bath bomb, a handful of those amazing bath salts I bought from a boutique off of Piazza Barberini, a glass of red wine, one of my treats from the bakery, and my last copy of Cosmopolitan magazine. 
For all you other single people out there, don't worry or take this day too seriously. And just because I'm single doesn't mean I'm going to be bitter about this romantic holiday. Valentines is cute, and I'm perfectly content with spending it tout seul. And if I'm single again next year, that's ok too. And if you still hate Valentines Day, just keep this in mind - it was established in Rome. Yes, Rome. And we all know that a bad thing and a Roman thing cannot be placed in the same category.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your are a great writer! I give you credit for being brave enough to go on this amazing journey...I'm from Port too and I think getting out of your comfort zone is really good! Au revoir et merci pour l'inspiration :)

    1. Thank you "Feens!" Its great to know that people out there, especially people from my hometown, are enjoying my blog. Keep reading, because I won't stop writing. Thanks again :)

  2. Wow MichElle!! You're writing is incredible!! Even though, I've only read two blogs so far, I can tell you have a passion for this, there is such passion behind your words. Keep up the amazing work! :)

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