Friday, January 20, 2012

Mighty Dollar

Birthday girl!
Finally, I can update you all about ROME again, because my university essay-application-portfolio business is taken care of. For the most part, at least, which means that once again, I am stress free. Wednesday was my best friend Kelsey's birthday who turned 19, and I met up with her at Piazza del Popolo to celebrate. One of the new girls Lexi joined us who comes from Thessaloniki, Greece, but speaks flawless English thanks to her British-born mother. The three of us went out for lunch and walked around the city together. When we were out for lunch I decided that I wanted to try something new and be spontaneous by getting these olives that were breaded. Sadly, when I bit into my little olive thing, it was also wrapped with some kind of meat, causing me to spit it out onto my plate and completely ruining my appetite. Oh, the troubles of being a vegetarian in Italy...
Today we met up again with the two American au pair guys, Micah and Taylor. The five of us met in Villa Borghese and went to the contemporary art museum where we spent a few hours walking around and appreciating the art. At least we were trying to. The thing is that I really like art, and love going to museums whether its modern, Renaissance, Italian, American, whatever.
Its interesting to me. But I have to admit that I don't understand it. Neither does Micah, who kept making up stories behind the art, causing me to laugh and disturb the annoyed guard from his tough job of sitting in the corner reading a book. I really do try so hard to understand it, but all I can do is stare and appreciate it to the best of my ability. 
The great thing about the museum was that when we were in the Greek mythological Gods and Goddesses, Lexi was able to tell us who everyone was and what the stories behind them are. I love having a Greek friend. One of the most interesting parts of the museum was the floor made entirely of broken glass. When you walked on top of the mirror, you could see your reflection broken and it almost felt that you could just fall through it. But there was a thick glass plate over top of it so that you couldn't actually crush the mirror into even tinier pieces.
Mirror pictures like this are acceptable.
Through the midst of all this, I'm attempting to figure out some future travel plans before I return to Canada. When my parents arrive in Rome at the end of January, we're going to do some traveling through Venice, Florence, Pisa and Lucca. I was attempting to stitch together a plan to visit my friend Taylor who lives in France and a mere 10 minute drive to the Swiss, but unfortunately, I can't find any cheap flights and am starting to figure out where I can actually afford to go while I'm here. 
My friend Glen and sister Nicole are both coming in May and we're planning a trip to spend a few days in London, and then making our way over to Amsterdam, which means that I really have to budget my expenses as best as I can. I've already looked into flights and hostels, and even the prices of specific museums and attractions I want to visit. But Glen reminded me that we will also have to pay for food. How could I, the greatest lover and mistress of food, possibly forget about that large expense? With university (hopefully) next fall, I know that I have to save up for tuition and residence or off campus housing, and of
course food, transit, spending money and the large expense of transporting back and forth between the Buffalo and Halifax airport. I want to kick whoever said "money makes the world go round" and plant myself a money tree. Now would be a really great time to win the lottery. Or if you'd like to make a donation to my cause, I'd be more than happy to provide you will my address via e-mail.
Because the past week or two was spent working on university related business, I decided that I already did my time in the stress cell and that I would spend this rainy Friday at home. In the morning I took a long, hot bubble bath while reading the pile of magazines my mom sent me in my last care package, and got pizza from Forno's for lunch. Its not like I've been having a bad day, but if I was, there would be no better cure than a hot bath, girly magazines, and pizza from the best pizzeria in Rome.

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