Sunday, January 22, 2012

For Carlie

I hope you don't think I'm a huge creep
for stealing this from your facebook.
I have this friend named Carlie who I've probably mentioned on several occasions in my blog. I decided to contribute a piece for her because soon she will be following in my footsteps. Sort of, but I'll get to that in a minute.
Carlie and I met in high school, and she was always known as the happy-go-lucky party girl. She's sarcastic, fun loving, and always looking to have a good time. But on top of that, she's also a great friend. She was always the one to organize limos and tables for school dances and threw parties at every holiday, Super Bowl Sunday, or whenever else her parents left for vacation. The reason why Carlie is so special to me is because she has a lot of the same passions and interests that I do. Her parents are also professional chefs and Carlie also has a knack for cooking, which is probably another reason on why I was so attracted to being her friend. Also, we both experienced the same misfortunes due to our lack of interest in band.
When I was 16 years old, I went on a student exchange to France, and Carlie did an exchange as well in Spain. And now, here we are, both 18 years old, and still passionate about Europe. After graduating high school, she worked vigorously to save up money so that she could move back to Europe and work in England. After months of waiting, she is finally leaving on February 3rd to work and live at a holiday resort in the English countryside. The reason why
she makes me so proud is because I know it takes a lot of hard work and courage to move overseas alone. But if I can do it, I know Carlie can as well, and she's hoping to come to Rome to visit me, and possibly travel to London at the same time that I go in May. She's planning on staying for 2 years and immersing herself in the world of hospitality and tourism.
She has a blog of her own that I suggest you
all read, because I have a feeling its about to get very interesting. 
She's witty, she's wise, and she's one of my closest friends. Everyone please wish her a very safe flight on February 3rd and pray that she has smooth sailing (or flying) over the pond. I have a letter that I'm going to write to Carlie, and instead of sending it personally, I'm going to
send it here so that everyone knows how much I appreciate having a friend like her in my life:
Carlie Rosa (please don't kill me for the middle name),
Words cannot even begin to express how proud I am of you and how excited I am that you are finally going off to live your dreams. You are in for the greatest adventure and wildest ride of your life, and I'm thankful that you'll be sharing every detail of it with me. You will make a great ambassador for Canada and I know that you will make us all look good (and drunk) over there. A lot of people regret not taking risks and pursuing their dreams in fear of failing. You are not one of those people, which is why I look up to you and think so highly of you. From playing beer pong, dirty dancing together at semi, and partying in hot tubs together, you have become one of my closest friends and greatest companions. 
We experienced a lot of the same problems in high school due to the misfortune of our lack of interest in band, but as you always say, "No big deal. Whatever, baby girl." I miss your unwavering sense of humour
High school graduation!
and tendency to make sarcastic comments towards every living and non living thing on the face of the planet. Throughout the time that we've known each other you have always been there for me from the very silly to the very significant. I miss so many things about you and am really glad that we went out for breakfast the day before I left for Italy at Sambo's. Hopefully we can go back there together when we both return to Canada and catch up over pancakes, fresh fruit and orange juice. 
The funny thing is that even though I miss you so much, you will actually be so much closer to me in distance than you are now. And I refuse to go home in June without seeing you at least once over here. I can't wait for you to live your dreams and enjoy yourself in England. Your parents, grandparents, siblings and fellow sandwich artist's are going to miss you so much as well. No one could ever forget about you and I'm so happy that I will be seeing you sooner than later. Carlie horse, Carlie Davidson, Carlifornia, Larry Moe and Carlie, Carlie fries, Carlie and the Chocolate Factory - have a safe flight and know that I'm on the other side waiting for you.
MichElle (no cool nicknames provided)

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