Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chocolate Yoga

While walking through the city this morning, an interesting ad caught my eye. It was on my way home from Trastevere in a crumbling narrow alley that was painted orange and had clean laundry waving from above. The sound of an accordion was playing in the distance, which completed the typical Italian-ness of the scene. There, on a heavy door, was a plain white sheet of paper that read Chocolate Yoga printed at the top. That was enough to immediately make me committed to attending and also curious as to why I've never heard of this before. Was it a new trend or something that I wasn't yet aware of? If there was a new yoga trend, I should know about it - I love yoga! I'm part of the world yoga committee... Sort of. 
I didn't read the rest of the ad because it was fully constructed in Italian, and also because 
Observing the silence of the Chi.
'chocolate yoga' was enough information to make me want to go. It started in just over an hour, so I had plenty of time to go home and put on a pair of spandex pants and a T-shirt. The whole time I was walking home and getting dressed, I kept fantasising about what was going to happen. I imagined myself in all kinds of bendy positions while some man with a lose-knotted silk robe helped me stretch while hand feeding me homemade dark truffles. Was he going to teach me special Italian-themed yoga positions while introducing me to new types of chocolates?
Well, when I arrived back at the studio later that day, I found out. I opened the door with the advertisement and raced up at least four flights of stairs, awaiting to reach my new found love and destination. At the top of the stairs was a doorway with no door and bright sunlight pouring into the room. It was a room with mirrors all over the wall and wooden floors with multi coloured yoga mats scattered about. First of all, it was just a plain old yoga class. Secondly and also most disappointing, there were no tables with any types of treats in sight. And lastly... The yoga instructor was a young woman wearing a matching yellow tank top and capri set. She was also black, which explains why she calls herself... Chocolate Yoga.
Don't get me wrong. The yoga class was definitely fun, and I left feeling more happy and energized than ever. I also left feeling kind of stupid for thinking that someone would actually shove free chocolate in my mouth while in the downward dog position. I guess you can't have everything, can you? Maybe I'll start my own trend. White Chocolate Yoga. Real chocolate included.


  1. where was the class? and how much did it cost?

    1. It was in Trastevere and cost 5 Euro's for a 1 hour class. I'll probably go back again, but also want to find a yoga class more central to where I live :)