Sunday, December 11, 2011

What's It Like In New York City?

So. I have something on my brain that I need to share. I mentioned in my previous post that Nathan and I were going out for dinner in Trastevere Wednesday night. Well, that didn't happen. He likes to cook and when we met up in our usual spot in Campo, we agreed to just go back to his apartment, eat pasta, and watch a movie. One of the reasons I was excited to see Nathan is because he's leaving in a week now, so I don't have much time left to spend with him. It might seem selfish, but there was a bigger reason than that... Did I mention that he grew up in New York City? And that I kinda wanna sorta move there next...? He moved to Boston when he was around 13 years old, but he spent most of his life living there. Nathan suggested that I actually visit the city before living there, but why visit when I can just... Move there? Besides, I moved to France without ever visiting. And of
course, the same thing happened with Italy. I didn't wander around wondering if it was right for me. I just packed my suitcases and went for it. Personally, I think I turned out just fine by doing that.
I've been giving a lot of thought lately to what I want to do next year, and The Big Apple is looking more and more appetizing to me. I've never been there, except to the JFK airport where I connected flights on my way to sunny Florida. But seriously. When I close my eyes and ask myself, "Where do I see myself in one year?" I see myself wearing an I Heart NY T-shirt underneath my clothes so that I can secretly proclaim my love for the city without looking like a tourist. I see me jogging in Central Park, running past hot guys wearing NYU sweaters and offering me a hot dog from the 
vendor. Of course I'll politely say no because I'm a vegetarian, and they'll appologize and take me to Little Italy instead. I can see myself bustling through Queens, Brooklyn, and Chinatown. I can see myself drinking martinis and going to cool parties in Chelsea and admiring the beautiful townhouses in Greenwich Village. I can see myself walking down Madison Avenue and shopping at Barney's and singing on Broadway. 
Ok, so maybe not singing on Broadway, but that isn't the point. I've been doing a lot of research about the pros and cons, and the only cons I can find is "lot's of traffic, expensive, high unemployment rate, rude people..." That's ok because:
1. I won't be driving there.
2. I admit, this is a problem.
3. Its not like I'm looking for a job on Wall Street. I'd au pair there, which would take care of my food and boarding, so maybe #2 isn't a problem after all.
4. I lived in France, the country of rudeness. And DO NOT get me started on the rudeness of Italian men again. I can handle Yankees. By the way... Is it ok to call them that, or do they get offended?
Its still so much to think about, but can't you see me sticking my head out of a yellow taxi cab and being happy there? I can. But its still a lot to think about, just as I gave Italy a lot of thought before coming here. But talking to Nathan got me so hyped up, because really - how lucky am I to know someone who grew up there? My only true issue is that even though I turn 19 this July, I won't be of age in the U.S. You have to be 21. But luckily... I have my sister's old driving licence who is already 21. So really - I'm technically of age there. What do I have to lose?! The really nice thing is that I would be on the same time zone as my family, and the distance between my hometown and New York City is a mere one hour plane ride. That feels like practically nothing compared to being a nine hour flight from home as I am right now. I would definitely come home for Christmas, and the best part is that I already speak English. So I can go there already understanding everyone. In a city with a population of over 8 million, do you think they'd make room for me?
I know what some of you guys are probably thinking right now... I'm in Rome, and I should be enjoying myself here. I definitely am enjoying myself here, and I absolutely love Rome. But lately I've been having to think about my future, too, and what I'm going to do next fall. Since the deadline for applications is coming up and I don't know what to do, I want to move to another world capital city. And theres so many reasons why New York would be right for me. I don't know what's going to happen, but all I can tell you is that earlier today I had my iPod on shuffle and Empire State Of Mind came on, and I had it on replay for the rest of my jog home to Campo Dei Fiori.
If you've ever been to New York City, or lived there, or know anything interesting that might appeal to me, please please please send me a facebook message or an e-mail and let me know what its like. My e-mail address is Don't disappoint me, people!

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