Friday, December 02, 2011

Love Affair

Please don't kill me.
One of my blog readers recently asked: "When you go away for Christmas, will you update your blog?" I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... no. I'm actually not bringing my laptop at all, in fear of it being lost, damaged, or stolen. I'm going to be far too busy having fun, sight seeing, clubbing and spending time with Magda to be able to sit down and spew out all the details of my trip. Besides - if I really need to use a computer, I'll just borrow someone else's. So if you have me on facebook, then you might get a few status updates here and there. I'm going to be gone from December 21st to January 4th, which means that you will have to suffer two whole weeks without my blog. I'm so sorry, loyal readers.
I'm going to bring my little brown leather diary with me and will scribble something important in it each day so that I can be sure to tell you guys everything that happens while I'm travelling - where I am, what I eat, what I see, what kind of trouble I get into, who I meet... I don't want to miss any important details, and feel that bringing my diary will be the easiest way to remember everything so that I can share my whole experience with you all. I don't
know where I'm most excited to see - the gingerbread-looking houses in traditional Munich, the classiness and organized Salzburg, the drunkenness of Upper Austria, the oh-so beautiful Vienna, or artsy Prague. I'm excited to see everything. I'm mostly excited to meet Magda though, who I've been friends with since this past May. She's become a really close friend of mine and she's so sweet for inviting me over for the holidays. I need to pick up a few German courtesy words so that I can tell her parents how thankful I am for allowing them to let me stay at their house. Her parents don't speak any English, and I can count all the German words I know on one hand. Luckily, Magda is completely fluent in both languages, so I'm not worried. I don't know what to expect, but I know that this will definitely be one of the most memorable Christmases ever. 
I'm already trying to figure out how I want to fashion my blog when I return from my adventures. At first I thought I would just post one giant spread about my trip, but I feel that it might be too overwhelming. So I might just do a separate blog post for each city I visit so that I'm able to elaborate on everything, rather than skip important details and just serve you little tidbits instead of giving you all the dirt. I promise that for the month of December, I will try to update my blog as much as possible to tide you all over.
Free bitch, baby.
One of my friends here asked me if I'm planning on hooking up with any guys, and the fact that she'd even ask that question shows how little she knows me. Nathan will be going home in the middle of December, so he won't even be on the same continent anymore. But this isn't a bad thing. I like my freedom. I wouldn't want to feel obligated to be a good little girl on my trip in order not to feel guilty. When we go to Vienna, we're staying at Magda's friends' flat. Magda told me that some of her guy friends from Belgium and Holland are staying over the same weekend as us, so... If I wasn't excited before, I am now! 
Luckily for me, my mom stuffed my suitcase with every kind of medicine known to humankind. Every few hours I've been having to take an Advil because I have a pounding headache and sore muscles. I don't know why I'm feeling this way, but thank goodness for my mom. Its times like this when I miss home, because when I'm sick, that's the one place I want to be. Laying on my living room couch with the fan above me turned on high, a ginger ale beside me, an ice pack on my forehead, Oprah on the TV, my cat on my lap, and my mom's vegetarian chicken noodle soup bubbling on the stove.
Speaking of my mom, she sent me an e-mail last night with the subject line: "We're coming to Italy :)". UMM... YES! My parents are travelling all the way to Rome to visit me, and I'm beyond excited to see their cute little faces. We're going to do a bit of travelling around Italy while we're here, and we're thinking of going to Florence and Venice. They arrive early in the morning on February 27th and leave March 7th. I'm actually lucky to have so many people coming to visit me! In fact, its best for me to just make a list below of who's visiting me and when.
October: my cousin Erica, her boyfriend Derrell, and their best friend Liz.
January: my friend Adam is moving to Milan and plans on visiting me in Rome for a few days (and maybe vice versa!)
Glen and I, looking fine.
Mid February: my family friend Bill, who's just a couple years older than me. My parents are his God parents so we've been close since before I can even remember.
Late February/Early March: my parents!
Mid March: students from my old high school. Every year, they take a trip during the March Break to somewhere in Europe, and this year they're going to ROME!
Early May: my sister. I am beyond excited to show her how well her baby sister is doing in gigantic Rome.
Early May: my close friend and good-doing partner in crime Glen Stratton. He's flying to Rome first but I'm hoping we can go to Sicily together as well.
My friend Taylor is currently living in France and my friend Carlie is planning on moving to England in the spring, so they both might come here as well. How lucky am I? And in between all this, I'm going to be with Magda for two weeks at Christmas, and perhaps again at Easter. So I can always look forward to seeing someone I knew before I arrived here, which makes me one very happy girl. I might not have so many visitors if I decided to move somewhere like Bratislava or Minsk, so Rome, graze mille - for your delicious food, life changing wine, stray animals, historical crumbling sights, church bells, crazy traffic, and last but not least - for being so damn appealing that you forced some of the people I love dearly to come see me. Its almost as though I have a love affair with the city itself. Ohhhhh, Rome...You're the best city I've ever had.

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