Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ciao For Now

I hope my plane looks something like this!
As I write, I'm trying so hard not to cry and ruin my computer by the river of tears flowing down my cheeks... My hands are shaking and my vision is blurry from all the tears welling up in my eyes. My head's a mess and I don't know where to begin because this is just too dramatic for me. I'm really losing it right now, my heart has never felt so heavy and my brain is exhausted from how hard I've been thinking about how to go about this... Not really - just kidding! But I am sad that this is my last post to you all until after the New Year! Tomorrow is the day I thought would never come... Finally, I'm going to Germany!
Hopefully my opening paragraph didn't have you all worried about me. But I really am sad about not being able to blog for two weeks! I hope you've all been satisfied with December's updates and I promise that the New Year will bring lot's more! Today I finished everything I had to do. I ironed my clothes, packing everything in my suitcase, charged my phone, my camera, my iPod... I set my clothes out ready for tomorrow morning and am totally prepared to go. As you can see, being organized is one of my greatest traits. Tomorrow I have to get the kids ready in the morning, and then off to the airport I go.
How many of you are making New Years resolutions? I never really believed in this kind of thing, because most people make one and forget about it two weeks later. To some people, New Year's is a fresh beginning, a new start to be and do whatever you want. To others, its just the flip of a calendar. Last year, I made a New Year's resolution that I actually stuck to and I must say - it worked out pretty well. I spent New Year's Eve with my boyfriend at the time and he asked me what my resolution was going to be. I forget what his was, but I certainly remember mine. After giving it some thought I said that in 2011, I wanted to travel to a country where I've never been. He said that it was a nice idea and all, but how was I going to afford it when I had to pay for university? Oh, no, I thought. He's right! I've already been to the United States dozens of times, and the closest place after that would be Mexico. But I've already been there several times, too. So evidently,
Tuition fees - start saving now so
that you can retire by age 100!
I would have to go back to Europe to make my resolution happen. My ex was being totally logical. He was right, and I couldn't argue it. Because how would I be able to afford to travel halfway across the world with the dark cloud of tuition hanging over me...? 
I love proving people wrong. I made my resolution happen after all, and in fact, I even topped it. I said I wanted to visit one new country this year. And it happened - Italy! But tomorrow I will add two more to the list, and their names are Germany and Austria. And not too long after, just before New Year's Eve, I will even add another - Czech Republic. So I quadrupled my dream, really. What are your New Year's resolutions if you have any? Write to me on facebook and tell me or send me an e-mail to let me know! Whether its to lose weight, quit smoking, spend more time with your grandparents or fulfil your dreams of becoming an alter server, I want to know! I made a 'European Bucket List' in my October post Benedictus XVI & I. I guess my resolution is to be able to cross all those things off. Or to drink more wine. Another is to get myself over to New York City, but we'll see what happens.
Glenny from the Block.
I cannot publish this without mentioning the conversation I had with my friend Glen the other day. Glen and I fell in love with each other (not romantically) when we both took our grades World Issues course. We had the same ideas and opinions about political problems, world news, and Stephen Harper (don't even get us started on the Conservative Party). We became close friends over the past year and he is now one of my favourite people in the whole entire world. He's currently studying at the University of Toronto for the honours in Law, Ethics, and Society program. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing our conversation with the world.
Glen: omg i'm reading it right now. you fly to germany? that's beautiful. why?
Me: why not? i decided flying home at christmas is too expensive and i wanted to travel anyway. so i'm going to munich, which is in the south of germany. i have a friend who lives in salzburg, which is in austria. where mozart was born, actually! so she's picking me up at the airport in munich and then we drive back to salzburg for christmas. after that, we go to vienna, and then we're spending new years in prague. i get back to rome on jan 4th.
Glen: michelle. you are literally astounding me. i am so fucking proud of you, you are so amazing. the connections you have built, the experiences you are having... BABE, your blog is SO amazingly written and that is so INCREDIBLE!  you are truly living life on the fuckin' edge. your writing style. your humour. your liveliness. i could see it becoming very popular.
Me: YOU are incredible. thank you, thank you, thank you for just making my day. my WEEK.
Glen: no seriously michelle, you planned this out. you worked for a year, you are seeing the world, all on your own accord. growing up so fast, independent chiiiiick.
Me: Oh baby!!! Get over here!
Glen: i feel like you're famous now. how can you afford all of this? why is your blog amazing? OMG LOL i'm on a picture in your blog.
Me: guess you're famous now, too!
I'm very seriously considering basing a novel off of my experience here. But until then... I have some exploring to do. Everyone - this is it for two weeks. I love you all, thank you for being so loyal to me in 2011. Its really amazing for me to look back on my first blog posts and see how far I've come in my writing, my independence, and most importantly, myself. Its taken me a little while to get to where I want to, but as the saying goes... Rome wasn't built in a day. And neither was my blog. I promise to be loyal back again in 2012. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you all have fun and love your life this coming year. Spend time with your family and friends, tell them how much you adore them and enjoy every single minute of it. Remember that if you want it badly enough, you can have the world in the palm of your hands. Wish me a safe flight and I will talk to you all again before you know it. You're all incredible and this two week goodbye feels so long. Until next time...

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