Thursday, December 15, 2011

Buon Compleanno

Oh you fancy, huh?
The other night, I had to accompany the little girls to their friend Mia's 5th birthday party. This is why I love my job. I got paid to admire a beautiful home in Piazza Venezia while gawking at the high designer clothes all the mom's were wearing while gossipping with each other. There wasn't a single couch or corner that didn't have a couple middle aged women whispering to each other, laughing, and smoking cigarette's. At the same time, there were about 30 children running around, staining their fancy dresses and trousers with the abundance of food. I found myself chatting with one of the maid's and she said, "Isn't it too bad? Her favourite colour is blue, but the mom insisted the colour theme to be white." When I was younger, my birthday party themes were things like "pizza", "rented movies", and "pool party". Not "white."
But this was no ordinary birthday party. It looked more like a wedding, just without the groom. There were tables filled with trays of finger food, two stands for crepes and cotton candy, and a coca cola fountain. There was also a live puppet show performance in the living room, which featured an overly excited man with a ponytail and a woman wearing a tight white shirt who very obviously had never heard the word 'bra' before. I just walked around the house stuffing my face with delicious food and observing all the beautiful people I was surrounded by. I ventured onto the wrap around terrace which had, as my host mom told me, "one of the best views of the whole city." It really did. 
I will never forget the sad images of the house workers running about to make sure this party had gone off without problems. The three of them, dressed in formal maid uniforms, were constantly speed walking all over the place cleaning up spilled drinks, readjusting crooked paintings, and making sure everyone had enough to eat. I saw the male cook who could've very easily been someone's grandfather, and I have never seen someone look so tired in my life. I wanted to give him a hug and tell him how sorry I am that this was his life, catering to greedy rich Italians. He brought the cake out which was a delicious vino cake. As in wine cake. What 5 year old gets a cake made with wine for their birthday? I must say, it was so 
delicious, with little chocolate chips baked inside and icing so sugary that I think I left with diabetes. If I never eat cake again in my life, I think I'll be ok with that. The whole time I was there I was wishing I had someone else to share it with. It was too outrageous for me to witness on my own, and the whole night was... Overwhelming. When I have kids one day I can never imagine myself spoiling them like that. Its just too much.
Besides this, I don't have anything significant to write about. I'm trying to write as much as I can for you guys because I leave next Wednesday for my flight to Munich, where I won't be able to update my blog for at least two whole weeks. I'm really sad about it and I hope I don't go insane without writing for so long. But I don't want to bring my laptop with me, and I'm going to be so busy that I won't have the time to sit down and pour out my adventures to you all. I promise that after this post I'll try to update it a couple more times to tide you over, wish you all a Merry Christmas, and say arrivederci until early January. So... When will I publish my next blog post after the holidays? Stay tuned to find out! But I arrive back in Rome on January 4th so it won't be any time before that.
In the meantime I have a long list of things to do before next Wednesday, including 
organizing my travel documents. I have to make sure I have the extra copies of my passport, visa, birth certificate, driver's license... I have to have my medical health insurance documents and my flight intinirary and boarding pass and pack and weigh and measure my 
Not mine.
bags... Who knew that travelling could be so stressful? Ok, so everyone knows its stressful. I miss the days where my mom would take care of all my airline business, but I suppose I better get used to this. I have to admit that I'm really anxious about all my documents and making sure that they are all correct. I'm so nervous I'm going to show up late at the airport, or that something won't be right and they won't allow me to travel, my luggage will get lost or that the flight is delayed. My Christmas Wish is for everything to go smoothly. 
Deep down, I know everything will be ok. I've flown alone before. I may have been in panic mode the entire time, but I managed to make it out alright, didn't I? What I'm going to do is take care of all my travel documents tonight so that I can push them aside and have a still mind. I'm going to organize my clothes and pack as much as I can and make sure that I'm not over the weight limit. And then I'm going to have a green tea and tell myself that everything will be ok.

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