Tuesday, November 08, 2011


At least he was honest, right...? RIGHT?
Have you ever found yourself stuck in a sticky situation and thought to yourself, "What would MichElle do?" No...? Well, next time you find yourself in a pickle (I miss dill pickles, by the way), have no fear - just keep this blog post in mind! I have a friend who we'll call Sophie who is currently in her first year of university and has a bad roommate situation. I had the whole 'bad roommate' experience during the first six weeks of my exchange in France, and she asked me for some advice. Do you ever get that weird déjà vu feeling? Kind of like when you watched a movie with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman called No Strings Attatched, only to watch the exact same one months later with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis called Friends With Benefits? Hearing Sophie's story made me feel kind of the same way. Her roomie, who we'll call Becca, has been buying fresh produce like milk, spinach and cheese and is storing it in Sophie's small fridge, which she clearly bought to keep her things in. Sophie has told Becca countless times to keep her things out of her fridge, and yet she annoyingly does not stop. Don't bad roommates suck? She has also been stealing Sophie's hairdryer, so in order to keep Becca's sticky little fingers off of it, Sophie has kept it in her bra and underwear drawer hoping she wouldn't find it. Well, Becca clearly has the nose of a bloodhound, because she found it... YUP! For the food situation, I told Sophie that the next time Becca keeps her food in the fridge, she should just go downstairs and toss it in the garbage. If Becca questions where her things went, reply: "Oh. I guess your produce got the
Sophie's roommate.
message since you didn't, and walked out of my fridge." DONE. And if she keeps doing it, you just keep throwing it out. Now, the advice I gave Sophie in regards to her hair dryer... I'm not sure its appropriate for the internet. Moving along now...
When you're down in the dumps about something sad like a lame roommate, do something that will automatically cheer you up. I wrote a list a while ago of awesome things (or read the book called 1000 Awesome Things, because some of my ideas were inspired by them) when I was having a bad day, and even though it didn't fix my problem, I was immediately in a better mood. I promise if you do this you will be too.
1. Having the pizza box on your lap when driving home.
# 7
2. Getting that acceptance letter to your dream school.
3. Finding out you made the honour roll (even if it wasn't a surprise).
4. Long, cozy scarves.
5. Mr. Nori's jokes (my old geography teacher, a true gem of Lakeshore).
6. Waking up and realizing you still have time to sleep in.
7. The first snow fall of the year.
8. New FML posts. Your life is immediately not so bad.
9. Decorating the Christmas tree.
# 11
10. That wonderful time of year when Tim Hortons sells all things pumpkin flavoured (tea, muffins, donuts, etc. Need I say more?)
11. Finding out that your school year photo is a hot one.
12. Wearing the same dress as someone and looking 10 x better in it (prom 2011, win).
13. Getting a perfect bear hug.
14. Wine from Tuscany. 
15. Your first e-mail account (puppy_luv_14@hotmail.com)
16. Chunky knit sweaters.
17. The sound of autumn leaves being crunched.
18. When your favourite store has a sale.
# 19
19. Spending time with my papa.
20. Juicy red apples.
21. Putting your iPod on shuffle when a really awesome song you forgot about comes on.
22. Drinking tea first thing in the morning.
23. Leaving an interview knowing you rocked it.
24. Finding leftover money in an old wallet.
25. That fuzzy feeling when a good story actually comes on the news.
26. Wearing an expensive pearl necklace. Instant elegance.
27. That moment when you see your food coming in a restaurant.
28. Dogs in sweaters. What's not to love?!
29. When your sub at Subway is exactly how you wanted it.
# 31
30. When you get that short little head massage at the hairdresser's.
31. Getting the new Cosmopolitan magazine in the mail.
32. Winning the lottery (even if you only get $10).
33. Eating cookie dough instead of the actual cookies.
# 33

34. Licking the bowl clean after baking.
35. Falling asleep by the fireplace.
36. When you find out it was actually the neighbor's cat who got hit by a car, not yours (although I bet my neighbor Jack next door disagrees...)
37. Sleeping in your own bed after a long trip.
38. Hot showers in the middle of winter.
39. When your mom fills your tank of gas up in the car for you.
40. Three words: people of Walmart
# 44
41. Not getting caught after skipping a class.
42. Bra shopping (this is especially fun when you need a new, bigger cup size).
43. Having the whole movie theatre to yourself and your friends.
44. The way your grandparents eyes light up when you visit them.
45. That gentle breeze in April.
46. Hugging someone that smells really, really good.
47. Open bars.
48. Getting off work early.
49. Coming home with dinner already made.
50. The smell of clean laundry.
51. Grocery shopping.
52. When you go to buy something at the cashier and it comes up cheaper than you thought.
# 57
53. Popping bubble wrap.
54. Looking fabulous and running into your ex.
55. The smell of pine trees after it rains.
56. "Fan mail." KEEP IT COMING, PEOPLE!
57. That time of year when its the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
58. "Has anyone ever told you that you look just like __________ (enter name of hot celebrity here)?"
59. Finding out the person you like like's you back.
60. Fuzzy socks.
61. Having a hot teacher.
62. Having the kind of parents who didn't force you to go to church as a child.
65. Scented candles.
66. Spending Saturday night's inside with your sister eating popcorn, watching The Office, and wearing cozy PJ's.
67. That little black dress that hugs your curves in all the right places.
68. Winning something on Tim Hortons Roll Up The Rim.
69. Sixty nine.
# 71
70. That one gay friend who is the perfect shopping companion. 
71. Walking through a field at sunset.
72. First kisses.
73. When Juan is on the nights episode of 1 girl 5 gays (love him).
74. Reading quotes from Janice Dickinson and Chelsea Handler. Outrageous, sexy and hilarious.
75. Falling asleep while listening to Coldplay.
76. Boys who know how to dress well. Gives me hope.
77. Getting gift certificates to Chapters.
78. Snow days!
# 80

79. Visiting my aunt in Mallorytown.
80. Hearing wolves howling at night (its a Canadian thing).
81. Writing your name in the sand.
82. People with manners.
83. Free stuff. Anything. If its free, I love it.
84. Seeing your exes new girlfriend and noticing he has seriously downgraded.
85. Being asked for advice. Its nice to feel needed.
86. Flinstone vitamins.
87. When the Jehovah's witness walks right past your house. 
88. Having freshly shaved legs. And other parts.
89. Not having your period the day everyone wants to go to the beach.
90. When the girl you were rooting for on America's Next Top Model wins.
# 98
91. Old Disney movies (my personal favourite is Peter Pan).
92. When mom puts the 'spring' flag up after a cold winter.
93. Actually getting something in the mail.
94. Birthday's (especially when its mine).
95. Owning a trampoline.
96. Sleeping on the cold side of the pillow.
97. Ghost stories around the campfire.
98. Memorizing all the lyrics to the new City and Colour album.
99. Chugging a glass of ice cold water after a rough night of drinking.
101. Taking your bra off at the end of the day.
102. Having freshly painted nails.
103. Having a dog.
104. Rubbing your eyes after taking your make up off.
105. Getting Chinese food because nobody at home is in the mood to cook.
106. GETTING YOUR PHOTO PRINTED IN A MAGAZINE (everybody reading from Canada and the U.S needs to pick up this month's issue of Glamour and check my picure out at the Where Has Your Glamour Been?
107. Having a best friend who is always there for you. No matter how late it is.
108. Getting a good horoscope.
109. Having a better fortune from a fortune cookie than anyone else.
110. That feeling you get when taking off in an airplane.


  1. MichElle,

    I need some advice -- man advice. So, I had this boyfriend who I will not name who had given me these crystal doves. He had taken them back from his ex-girlfriend (who he is now dating again) and given them to me only weeks after we started dating. Since he's such a douche-bag, after we broke up he wanted them back -- what would you do in this situation?


    Long Lost BFF who misses you & thinks this is just an amazing question ;)

  2. Dear Meg,

    I have one word of advice - e-bay. Or is that two words? Either way, I would've sold them and used the money for something fabulous like a new pair of Manolo Blahniks, a shopping spree at your favourite makeup store, or a one-way ticket to Europe. And I would've saved some of the leftover money to buy his ex/current girlfriend a clue. In my opinion, no woman deserves to be oppressed like that. But that's just me.