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I have to share my new favourite song, Paradise, on this blog because it is absolutely wonderful. Its from Coldplay's new album, Mylo Xyloto, and it just so happens to be on constant loop on my laptop. What can I say - I'm obsessed! A lot of people criticize Coldplay for their songs being the same one after the next and putting people to sleep. I admit, sometimes I fall asleep to it - but only because its soothing. But some of their songs have made it onto my 'Jogging' playlist, so there! When I was in high school, I used to listen to Coldplay as I did my homework because it made me feel more intelligent. Anyway...
By nature, I am not a zen person. I'm loud, passionate, and get excited easily. When I laugh, you can literally hear me from half a mile away. I know this because a couple summers ago, my neighbor threw a huge party at our beach. My house is just up the road and my mom swore that she could hear me laughing. I don't really believe in astrology, but I feel that I fit the Gemini sign more than I do the Cancer. Even though I'm one of the most outgoing people on the face of the earth, I also have a very soft and quiet side of me. For example, lately I've been spending part of my afternoons reading Pride and Prejudice on my favourite bench at the park. When I don't feel like reading anymore, I just watch the ducks swim in the pond and... well, that's it, actually. I don't think, I don't feel, I just watch the ducks swim because its relaxing.
The other day my Austrian friend Magda was in a car accident. Nothing serious, thank goodness, but she e-mailed me saying how lucky she was not to be bruised and that she's using this as a lesson to take more notice of her surroundings and appreciate the little things. I couldn't possible agree with her more. So, tapping into the 'Gemini' side of me, there are two halves that make up MichElle. The first half is this vibrant girl who enjoys eating pasta, pizza, pastries, delicious rich foods. She loves going out to bars and drinking on the Spanish Steps with her friends, and she loves pinching random bums and making her friends' look like the culprit. She flirts and dances and has a laugh you can hear a mile away. She loves to have a good time and soak up every minute of fun she can get her little hands on. That's MichElle part one.
I love this photograph!
MichElle part two is a side that not many people see. She enjoys reading books in the most quiet part of the park. She would sometimes rather spend her nights inside writing and reading interesting articles. MichElle part two would rather wear her favourite purple sweater from home and a pair of cozy PJ bottoms rather than that leather jacket, tight jeans and pair of sky high heels. Sometimes she even goes to bed before 11 pm. 
No, I am not schizophrenic, I do not have multiple personalities, and I don't have a twin. But what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm not this crazy foreign party girl that some of my European friends think I am. For example, did you know that my favourite drink isn't a cocktail, but rather a nice hot cup of tea? Preferably orange tea, the smell and taste of citrus oranges make me feel happy and energized. And the colour isn't exactly hard on the eyes, either. Did you know that my papa Whyte is my hero, the person I love most in the world? Or that I'm a vegetarian not because its 'slimming' or 'trendy', but because I deeply care about the injustice of animal cruelty and disagree that animals are slaughtered every day in factories to feed our already obese population? Ladies and gentle men, my heart and mind go deeper than the Atlantic ocean.
The reason I'm telling you this is because the other day, one of my au pair friends told me, "You're one of the funnest people I know!" I recognize that 'funnest' isn't a word, but I don't want to fabricate this blog, and English isn't her first language. This shouldn't have brought me down, but for some reason, when she said it, I felt shallow and empty. So I wanted to write this not because I feel the need to defend MichElle part two, but because even the most social people sometimes need a weekend off or so to recharge their batteries.
Hi. I love you.
Before I begin to tell you how I've been spending my last few days (sorry for not updating, guys!) let me tell you a little tale about last Saturday. As the world knows, Berlusconi has made headlines for quitting his job as prime minister. On Saturday, Roman citizens, news crews, reporters, journalists, and even tourists lined up outside the gates of Piazza Colonna. It was truly incredible to see how happy the Italians are. The busiest street in Rome, Via del Corso, was blocked off because police were worried about people attacking the government as well as the private black cars that were sneaking their way through the back of the building. I made friends with this Italian journalist Alessandro, who told me everything that was going on. I am so glad I met him, because of course I love journalism, but he was feeding me all the information on exactly what was happening. We spent the whole night discussing politics and watching live history happen right before our very eyes. Alessandro made a joke that I thought was seriously clever. He said he couldn't have it into the press so I decided to give his joke credit on this blog. He said that the situation was much like the Colosseum. Piazza Colonna was the stage, Berlusconi was the gladiator, I and the other watchers are the spectators, and him as well as the other journalists, photographers and reporters were the vicious lions.
The crowd of people then walked to Berlusconi's house which isn't too far from Piazza Colonna, and you will never believe this... HIS HOUSE IS RIGHT BESIDE SCHOLAR'S! YES. 
Forever young.
All this time, I've been getting drunk right next to the prime minister's house. Scholar's is literally right beside his house. Its funny because I always wondered what this beautiful building with a large Italian flag was, and was even more curious as to why there were always policemen lined up outside, but I never would've guessed ol' Silvio lived there. I guess you really do learn something new every day, huh?
Wow, I get so sidetracked sometimes with my rambling, I haven't even got to what I originally wanted to talk about. So, for the past few days, I have actually been living a healthy lifestyle. I'm amazed, because usually when I plan on going for a jog I actually stop by Da Agostino for a slice of pizza instead. But, no. I have actually gone jogging and have done stretches every single day since this weekend. I also have been drinking tea again every morning, taking my vitamins, and eating a healthy well balanced diet. I'm so proud of myself. It isn't that I'm not in shape anymore. I am, but I began losing sight of that six pack I've always dreamed of. I know that if I keep up this regimen than it'll actually develop this time. Also, I've been kind of sleepy here... Since I've been eating pasta twice a day, I haven't felt as energetic and upbeat. I still am, but not naturally. So now - I'm back on track (literally). I remember hearing a quote saying that your body is a temple, and therefore you should treat it like one, which is what I'm doing now. And as I write this while drinking a cup of orange tea and eating a delicious apple, I've never felt so good. Looking back on this post while editing, I realize that this rant is kind of pointless, but I was in a creative mood. But hopefully you take something from it anyway.

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