Friday, November 18, 2011

Old Buttons & Warm Memories

A reader e-mailed me with a question I thought I would publicly answer, as this is my open diary to the world. The reader gushed about my blog (thank you!!!) and at the end wrote, "PS: Do you think you're too picky with guys?" The answer to this question is absolutely. Let me lighten the confusion by reminding you that I do not want a relationship at this moment in my life, but that I do have standards when it comes to who I choose to dance/flirt/make out with when I go out. Yes. I am picky. Is this a bad thing? I certainly don't think so! If I'd been pickier in the past I would've avoided a lot of losers that are on the list of my ex boyfriends. I loosely remember hearing this quote that goes, "Don't waste your time waiting around for the perfect person when there is someone imperfect who could make you perfectly happy," or something like that. In response to this, I am not wasting my time waiting around for 'the perfect man'. In fact, I'm not waiting for anyone. I do have a thing for green eyes and English accents, but I am not seriously waiting for an English prince to come sweep me off my feet and make my dreams come true. Alcohol does that for me.
Nothing turns me on more than this.
Women, I encourage you to be picky about men. Why should you lower your standards when you know, and your friends know, that you deserve the best of the best? If you're fixed on finding a guy who lays rose petals on the bed and instead his idea of bedroom romance is cleaning his crap off of the floor, dump him. If you want a guy who shows up at your door with chocolate bars and new DVDs when you're PMSing and instead he just asks for some one way action, dump him. If you convince yourself you need a guy who wakes you up every morning with homemade pancakes and a back massage, then... INTRODUCE HIM TO ME. All jokes aside, I believe that everyone should have realistic standards when it comes to dating, but don't be afraid to go for someone who isn't necessarily 'your type'. If you always look for someone 'your type', you'll end up with the same relationship problems. I have this friend who always goes for the same type of guy - the infamous football douche. As long as he knows how to toss a pigskin, she's in love. And weeks or months after it doesn't work out she would come crying to me because either a) he cheated, b) he was a liar, c) he couldn't count past 10 or d) all of the above. I wanted to give her a smack upside the head with a newspaper every time because guess what, J? You keep dating the same guy with a different name over and over again. That's my two cents on relationship advice. For now. 
Well, for those who read religiously and are wondering what I possibly could've been doing these past few days that didn't allow me to write another post, I'm sorry to say that nothing profound has happened. I did some shopping, and that's about it. My favourite store in Rome is called Tally Weijl, which is similar to Forever 21. I bought a hot pink skirt, black glittery top, and a dippy-wrappy-kind-of-funky leopard print top. This means that the next time I choose to go clubbing, I won't be standing in my closet for a decade trying to remember what I wore the weekend before. I also bought some cool jewelry, a new scarf, and, best of all, A NEW COAT. But not just any new coat! A snow white, winter pea coat that fits me beautifully, even when wearing a thick sweater underneath. It has these cute silver buttons that make me feel like an adorable and feminine British soldier. Because its white, I can wear any coloured scarf with it, which is wonderful. It also has these white silk-lined pockets that make me feel like I'm touching heaven whenever I stick my hands inside. I wasn't planning on buying a new coat, but my beloved grey bell coat is tattered. 
Nana has been rocking her over sized tortoise
sunglasses way before Paris Hilton. Trendsetter.
I bought this grey coat two years ago in the States and I fell in love with it. That thing got me through the freezing cold winters of Canada and France, and we shared a lot of beautiful memories together... However, two of the big buttons are missing, which wouldn't be such a problem if it took more than four to do the coat up. There is also a huge chocolate stain on the front of it from my gracefulness of eating a crepe. I saved the old buttons because that coat gave me a lot of warm (literally) memories, but its too weathered for me. I think tomorrow when I go downtown I'm going to give it to a homeless person who will appreciate it, even if there is a little huge blob of chocolate on the front. As my nana Whyte would say, it was 'well loved'. My nana is always saying intelligent things, and it was recently her birthday this past month. Her favourite thing to say is, "Take a bite out of my ass, its a peach". Since we're on the subject of my nana and I love history (not that she is historical, but wait for it) her mom - so my great grandmother - was the first female principal in Ontario. Pretty cool, huh? I like to think I got my determination and feminism from her.
So - on a more important note... This Wednesday, I am moving in with my new family. This day has crept up on me, and I'm beginning to pack my belongings, which is making everything more surreal. I'm not really sad about it - I'm excited, more than anything. Actually, I'm realling looking forward to it, and I don't totally know what to expect. Sure, I'm still a bit nervous, but wouldn't you be too? 
Luckily for you, I'm in a wild writing mood which means that I've decided to write about my many random thoughts of the moment. The first thing on my mind - Italian salad. Italian salad consists of lettuce and nothing else, unless you decide to add some sea salt, balsamic vinaigrette or olive oil. At home in Canada, we add carrots, cucumbers, shredded cheese or even possibly cubes of cheese, a wide variety of dressing, croutons, etc. So salad here is very plain, and some of the American au pairs have complained about this. Personally, I don't mind. Its healthy and delicious.
Second thing on my mind - waffles/crepes/pancakes with hot chocolate dripping down it. I don't have anything else to say about it, just that I would really like some at this moment in time.

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