Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fur Vests & Stilettos

Whole lotta luggage.
After speaking with my current family and e-mailing my new one, the date of my moving day has been set - I am moving on Tuesday, November 22nd. This gives me 13 days to pack my bags, say goodbye to my pizza friends at Da Agostino, and wrap my head around the fact that I am going to be starting over again. As in, moving into a stranger's house, eating meals with a family that isn't mine, using their forks and knives, sleeping in a bed that doesn't belong to me, and so forth. Being an au pair is a lot like being a boy scout. You settle down in one place for a while, and then you pack up and find a new location. But instead of a campground, you move from one gorgeous Italian mansion to the next. 
I'd be lying if I say I'm not a little nervous about this. I know that I definitely made the right decision, but I'm intimidated by this new family. Oil broker. Professor of the history in architecture. Four live-in employees. Need I say more? I do not come from this kind of family back home. In fact, thinking about the decor I have witnessed in my current Italian house and the decor in the next one inspired me to write this e-mail

At least we don't have an
infamous 'lady leg' lamp.
to my mother. I have not altered it in any way, shape or form. This is the original letter sent to Catherine Pressé late last night:
"I forgot to tell you on the phone about my dream last night. I flew home in the front of a basket bike E.T style and our house was different. In a good way. Don't hate me for this message because I know you and I obviously have extreme differences in our taste of decor. For example, the hairy lamp in the living room. Nicole and I talked about it and we both agreed that it must go. Mom, I'm afraid that this lamp has had a serious effect on my health as a human being. My staring at it as a child trying to figure out why, oh why, you would have this lamp is probably the reason I needed glasses. If you aren't ready to let this go yet, then I can let it wait until I get home. If it makes you feel better than I will even go with you to HomeSense to pick out a nice, new, friendly lamp. I will even hold your hand. Actually, its probably best if I accompany you anyway. Do you hate me yet? Next - the carpets. An awful shade of blue and its been
The woman responsible for
my presence on Earth.
there longer than I have been here on this planet. I am begging you to get hardwood floors. If you do ANYTHING before I come home, please get hardwood floors. All the other cool kids have them! Also, the TV hutch. This is not on the top of my 'home decor hate list' but it certainly does not match a thing. We have dark wood in the living room, white wood in the kitchen, a beautiful coffee table and end table set in a medium wood, and then this bulky cream coloured hutch. Do you remember when we had the green-themed bathroom? How does it make you feel to look back on it? I promise that if we change these things, looking back on old photos of the house will make you a very happy woman if you take my advice. Whadya say?!"
I haven't heard back from her yet. And let me explain the 'hairy lamp'. We don't actually have a lamp that has hair as the shade, but its a normal lampshade with these weird dark squiggles in it. My sister and I always joked that it looks like hair, and therefore, we call it the hairy lampshade. Sounds like it could be featured on the cover of Interior Design Monthy, doesn't it? There's going to be a lot of changes when
I come home in June. Hopefully with the house itself, but my sister won't be there. When I arrive, she'll still be in Italy for 3 weeks, which means it'll be quiet. And we're hoping to have a new baby golden retriever bouncing around the house. And my cousin Jen is having her first baby in January. I am so excited for this because it'll be the first baby to be crawling around at family gatherings. Her baby shower was this past week and the little bundle of joy is due in January. So at the next Pressé family gathering, there will be an itsy bitsy baby girl to play with.
Well, in other news, I ventured into the centre today to do some exploring and shopping. I bought some cool new earrings, and several bottles of nail polish which I'm quite proud of: one in light pink called 'ballet slippers', a hot pink called 'mama mia magenta', and a third that's spring green and called 'green with envy'. Tomorrow I plan on buying a pair of rain boots for those rainy Roman days. 
Adriana Lima - hottie extraordinaire.
I ran into my friend who lives in Rome as a club promoter. He actually went to the boarding school called Ridley which is a half hour from my home! It's pretty cool to know someone from my corner of the world. He and I shared a crepe and hungout by the Pantheon. We watched people walk by and guessed where they were from. The easiest guess is the Russian women. I can smell a Russian woman a mile away. A Russian woman never leaves
the house without getting completely dolled up - super tight pants, stilettos, a fur coat/vest/scarf, and is hanging off the arm of an old Italian man. Tect (the name of my friend) asked me, "If you couldn't be from Canada, where would you choose to be from?" Well, I love being a Canadian, but if I had to choose any other nationality I'd choose being Brazilian. The reason why is quite obvious - Brazilian women are notoriously sexy. In fact, some of the most famous Victoria's Secret models are from Brazil (Adriana Lima, Gisele Bunchden, Alessandra Ambrosio). Also, how many other countries have a waxing of the bikini area named after them? 

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