Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

This is a representation of the Pope and I.
For me, coming from Port Colborne to Rome is a lot like The Wizard Of Oz. I was stuck in this seemingly black and white world, and when I arrived in Italy, my life became technicolour. And now, I never want to leave. I was talking to my friend Taylor about this, who's living on the border of France and Switzerland. At first when she heard I was taking the year off to travel, she thought I was crazy. But then I encouraged her to do it, and she did. I'm really proud of her, too, because she was supposed to go to the University of Toronto for law, and now she's learning French and having the time of her life. She says, "The only problem with coming over here is that I never want to leave." I couldn't possibly agree with her more.
Ever since I moved into my new house, I haven't had much time to update my blog because I'm literally in the heart of Rome. I no longer have to wait for anything or anyone - I can go wherever, whenever. And every single day, I'm out and about. I also have loads of free time, so I've been spending most of it out with friends, window shopping, touring around, eating more food... It is pure heaven over here, and now I know how Dorthy felt. Except instead of, "there's no place like home," "there's no place like Rome." I love my life here. Especially since I have such great people to spend it with. 
One of my favourite people here is my good friend Kelsey, who I spent Sunday evening with. We met up at the monument in the centre of Campo dei Fiori and split a bottle of wine. I keep a wine opener in my purse at all times, (I'm so European these days) and the whole time she was accidentally saying dirty things. It was really nice to be able to use the "That's what he said" bit that only really make sense if you're a Native English speaker. We talked about her busy weekend, and my new house, made up stories about the people walking by, and I gave her the details of my new beau. We'll call him Nathan. 
Nathan is 20 years old and is studying here with my other American friends like Connor. I met him a few weeks ago at Scholar's but nothing really happened between us until last week. I went out with my au pair friends and the Americans on Friday, and Nathan was there, looking more delicious than anything I've ever seen in my entire life. Honestly, I've never 
been this attracted to a guy before. He's from Boston so he has this sexy little accent, and there is no way I can describe him without being able to do justice. He has tanned skin, dark brown eyes, and a perfect smile. On top of his charming looks he's an actual gentlemen, and asked about how I grew up, what my family's like, and all that important stuff that's sometimes awkward but really wasn't at all. He's really easy to talk to, but its bittersweet because he's going home to the U.S in three weeks. I was talking to a friend about him and said how terrible it is that I just met him now, and that I wish we had met sooner. She reminded me that it could be worse, and that I could've met him three days before he left, or maybe not at all. This is true. I hate it when she's right.
So, after Kelsey and I had some wine, she walked me to Scholar's where I went to meet with Nathan. His favourite football team, the New England Patriots were playing, and they won, so he was pretty happy about that. We hungout there for a bit and then decided to walk around the city. Rome at night is beyond any kind of beauty you can ever imagine, especially the Trevi Fountain, with its electric blue waters and twinkling gold lights.
On an evening in Roma.
It still has tourists and romantic couples lounging about even at 1 am. We walked everywhere, and eventually ended up at Villa Borghese. We just hungout there and had a view of the whole city. The best part was St. Peter's Basilica, which was decorated with gold lights. It was definitely one of my favourite nights in Italy so far. I don't know how much I want to, or should reveal about my current romance going on here, because this isn't just some drunken guy I met clubbing or a French idiot who wears scarfs and stripped shirts. I actually get the butterfly feeling with this guy, and so I want to respect his privacy as formally as I can. When he was walking me home (I told you he's a gentleman), I saw my Swedish friend Ronja, who I've been running into spontaneously lately. She thought that maybe he was Italian or Greek or something, and said, "Who's the hottie? What country is he from?" He replied, in perfect English (and that irresistible brooding Boston accent), "I'm from the U.S." She was really taken aback, but then laughed and said, "That's too bad, I was hoping we could talk bullshit about you behind your back right now." Oh, Ronja... 
Another person I ran into the other day was my French friend Marine. She told me she thought she saw me stumbling out of a bar in Campo dei Fiori Friday, which was true. I went to a bar/restaurant called 'Sloppy's', which bears the logo, "Classy in the front, sloppy in the back." The chic dining area was outside at the front, and the bar was at the back, in case you didn't catch on. She told me, "Yes, I zought it vas you, who else is zat tall, thin and blonde?" Hearing her say that made me feel like... Well, tall, thin and blonde. When a French woman compliments you on your physical physique, you should feel really good about yourself. Every Monday and Thursday, I take the little ones to their swimming lessons and guess what...? Marine's little girl goes there too! Her name is Indigo, and she goes to a French school, but not the same one that Daisy and Lodo go to. We were watching this man in one of the pool lanes who was heavy set, and we couldn't tell whether or not he was naked. When he got out, we saw that he was actually wearing a skin coloured (and unfortunately very see through) bathing suit. It was a bit of a relief, because while he was swimming we could actually see his butt crack. Marine didn't know what this was and asked me, "Vhat is zat, ze name of ze meedle of ze ass?" 
An ass crack, Marine. Its called an ass crack.

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