Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Casa Dolce Casa

(Photo courtesy of Shayna Dwor)
I, MichElle Catherine Lauren Pressé, have moved into my new house in Rome. Finally, I am here. For those of you who haven't read my previous blog post titled "Fearless Friday's", let me give you some background. I'm living in Campo dei Fiori, which is in the heart of Rome. Everything is in walking distance, and I'm nestled right in between the Vatican and Piazza Navona. Piazza Navona is a beautiful square filled with outdoor café's and has several large, marble fountains situated right in the middle. In my opinion, I am living in the ultimate location in Rome, for day and night. How lucky am I? 
Speaking of luck, don't you hate that one person you know who does everything on time and somehow flawlessly without ease? Lately, I have been this person. What I mean is that before I moved here and took the bus, I would show up at the stop and it would magically arrive within the first five minutes of my being there, when it usually takes between 10 - 15 
Lodo on the left, Desi on the right
(photo courtesy of Shayna Dwor)
minutes of waiting. Then, when I was out for dinner with my friend the other night, the waiter came over and apologized because he actually sat us at someones reserved seat. No big deal, right? We'd just move. Well, I guess they felt pretty terrible about it, because we scored a free bottle of wine. Also, I went to the grocery store the other day because I wanted to pick up a box of tea for myself. I didn't know that there was a huge sale on the vanilla tea that I love, but even better than that, I got the last box. I guess its true what they say - good things do happen to foreign people.
So - my new living situation. Its a beautiful yellow house filled with lots of art and interesting details. For example, there's a spiral staircase, wooden beams, and archways here and there. My bedroom is painted a light cream and I have those Japanese cherry blossom flower pattern on my curtains. I sound like an idiot, but I'm really excited about my window.
The window in my old bedroom had these dark metal shutters that made my room like a cave. It was always so dark, and would be so unless I either turned the lights on or opened my window, which let cold air in. But now, I don't have any shutters - just normal glass and normal curtains! So my room has sunlight - beautiful, natural, happy-go-lucky sunlight. I have a chandelier and wooden beams across the top of my million foot high ceilings, and a picture of an angel hanging over my bed. I like to think this will make me have only good dreams. I have my own private bathroom right across the room from me that is painted this amazing shade of bright orange. Let me tell you, I am quite comfortable here.
I guess you could say the family is well off... Not only do they own a beautiful house in the centre of Rome, but they also have their own castle in Tuscany as well as their own private island. I swear, someone could make a movie about these people. But oh, wait - someone already did! A couple weeks ago there was a film crew taping part of a movie at their house. If they come back maybe I'll get a small part and kick off my acting career. 
There are 10 of us living in the house, which is about the population of my town back home: the parents and their four children (Clemintina, Manfredi, Lodovica, Desideria), not one, but three Filipino workers, and now me. So its a busy household. Actually, the one Filipino worker is currently home in the Philippines for a little while, but he's coming back sometime after the holidays.
Clemintina, the oldest, spends most of her time out with friends or in the upstairs loft painting. Manfredi is rarely home, because he's always playing sports. Which he could do perfectly at home, since they have their own basketball and volleyball court. I'm really only responsible for the two little ones, Lodo and Daisy. Lodo is curious about everything I do, and tries her best to ask me questions in English. Her and Daisy follow me everywhere, and have become my two little Italian
Amazing lunch prepared by the
Filipino cook, Veronica
shadows. Because we live right in the centre, I can take them anywhere I please. So basically, I get paid to walk around Rome and play with two adorable children. The kids all go to the private, super exclusive French school in the heart of Villa Borghese that was a palace designed by Michelangelo. Man, if only I could've had the education these kids are getting... Its really tempting to speak French since we all know it fluently and their English isn't so good. But Lodo really does try hard, and I can't imagine trying to be trilingual at the age of 8. Daisy has created her own personal language called Frenglian. French, English and Italian all rolled into one. 
Anyway, the house is literally sitting on top of pure Roman ruins. There is a pathway under the house where there were old shops, and they keep their wine and ping pong table down there. So, I can play ping pong in Roman ruins without having to leave the property. Another interesting fact about the house is that during the medieval century it housed a madwoman. 
Play room (photo courtesy of Shayna Dwor)
During this time, my bedroom and the parents bedroom were connected, and she was imprisoned for chopping off her father's head. She eventually died here, which is a nice thing to know about the room I'm going to be sleeping in for the next 6 and a half months.
On a different note, my mom and I had a phone conversation before I left and she was asking me about my feelings for next year. I still have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do, but if I decide that I want to go to school in the fall, than I have to apply in less than a month... Eeeek! She's kind of encouraging me to take more time off to travel because I'm enjoying it so much, and I told her what I want to do. I told her I wanted to give Harpo Studio a call and see if I could host The MichElle Pressé Show. Who wouldn't want to watch that? I would love to host my own TV show. Then, I came up with the most fabulous idea known to humankind. I would like to travel all over the world and host tour 
guides to cool cities. But, instead of the usual facts of history, I would make everything up in order to make the city both more hilarious and more interesting. Of course those participating on the tour guide would know everything is fake, but it would be hilarious. I thought my mom would respond by saying, "I am so proud to have given birth to such an intelligent daughter. Only you could come up with an idea that creative. You are perfect." Instead, when I was done telling her my idea, there was silence. Then she said, "And people are supposed to pay for that?" More silence. "With WHAT - fake money, too?" We'll see who's laughing when the rest of the world hears my idea.
Well, I just wanted to make sure I was able to set some time aside from my busy day to share this with you guys. Tonight I'm going to the nearby grocery store to pick up some MichElle-friendly snacks for my snack cupboard, and then I plan on spending the rest of the night reading my Glamour magazine in bed. Tomorrow, I will explore some more, and will update as soon as I have more time on my hands.

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