Friday, September 16, 2011

Vogue's Fashion Night in Rome

OK, so my past couple days here in Rome have been extremely busy. Giulia’s birthday party was crazy and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many spoiled children in one gathering. Lucky me got to chaperone the party since I’m the au pair, and it was actually quite entertaining. All the kids were dressed head to toe in designer clothes and one girl even had a blackberry. Yes, a 9 year old girl, spent most of the night texting on her blackberry. Who could she possibly be talking to, her boyfriend? Kids these days, I’m tellin’ ya… Since I was the only person in the double digit age, I sat by the juice and snacks station and playing DJ while encouraging everyone to dance. Giulia’s mom burned her a tape with new songs and the kids tried to sing along. Only it was awkward for me because they were singing to songs like Rihanna’s S & M. It just isn’t right hearing little kids sing, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.” It was definitely the most memorable birthday party I’ve been to. Then yesterday, I finally took the bus downtown and visited some of the tourist spots with another au pair from Germany named Jeanny. 
We met at the Spanish Steps, and it was almost filled with every step. It was really nice to finally meet up with someone so that I don’t have to keep going out alone. Not that I mind, but it’s nice to have companionship. Since both of us are quite new to the city, we relied on my map to get everywhere, but it was in Italian, which neither of us understand. Confused and frustrated, Jeanny walks up to a policeman (polizia) and asks, “Excuse me, do you speak Italian?” He told us that yes, of course, everyone in Italy speaks Italian. Jeanny meant to ask if he spoke English, which luckily he did, but he ended up giving us directions and so we were alright. We went to the Pantheon which was also beautiful, but my favourite place was the Trevi Fountain. It was so hot that I wanted to jump in for a swim, but unfortunately it’s prohibited. Jeanny and I threw our pennies in to make a wish like all tourists do, and we spent the rest of the day walking around the city. 
Me and Anna with our
new best friend
During our day out we kept seeing people with signs that read ‘Vogue’s Fashion Night Out’ which happened to be the same night. I took the bus home (which is still sadly confusing for a country girl like myself) to get myself ready and met up with 2 other au pair’s. First, there’s Ashtyn from California. She dresses beautifully, and I most likely would’ve slept on the street that night if it wasn’t for her (but I’ll get to that later). Then there were two girls from Austria. Verena is from Salzburg and was quiet but definitely one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met. And then there’s Anna from Vienna, who is crazy and fun and taller than any building I’ve ever seen. We met in front of Dior by the Spanish Steps, and mio dios (my God) the streets were packed with people. And I mean PACKED. There were paparazzi and journalists and news crews and models all molded together in one setting. At Chanel there was a famous model who opened the shop and the paparazzi went crazy, but unfortunately I have no idea who she was. In most stores there were models dancing and men half naked and posing out front, some of which were even more gorgeous than the statues carved from marble. There were lots of DJs and free giveaways, and by free giveaways I mean alcohol and food. I have never eaten so many delicious macaroons, cheeses and chocolate. I also drank flute after flute of champagne as well as endless cocktails. The best party of the night, in my opinion, was at Fendi. They had several of their models (many whom I recognize from magazines) walk around and haunt the store and pose. It’s one thing to see them in photos, but to see them in the flesh was amazing. 
Hello, Fendi model. Thanks
for making my night!
They all looked like they came from some hidden country, the island of Fendi, where these amazon-like creatures are bred and shipped off to famous designers. At least that’s my theory. Anna could not get enough of the free champagne, and she almost knocked over one of the models. This wasn't even because of the alcohol, but because she is just naturally clumsy and walks around like a newborn baby deer. She is so beautiful and sweet though that all we could do was find ourselves in a giggling frenzy as we watched her try to maintain her grace. All the shops were open until 12 and it was nearly impossible to find my bus. I really hate the buses in Rome. Fortunately for me, Ashtyn stuck with me to make sure that I would get home OK, but it wasn’t looking good. We walked around the city for what felt like an hour until we finally stood in line for a taxi. This took another half hour because of how busy it was and I will never forget her kindness in dragging me through the city to make sure I got home safely. Now I have a busy day of errands and a pile of laundry that I need to take care of, but once anything new happens (which will hopefully be sooner than later) I will write again.

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