Monday, September 19, 2011

Under The Tuscan Sun

I spent this weekend with my host family in Capalbio, which was nothing short of amazing. Capalbio is a beautiful little town in the Tuscany region which is definitely a true gem of Italy. The family's house is not far from the Mediterranean Sea where I spent most of my time swimming with Giulia. Her friends were also at the beach, so she kind of took off with them, which was nice because it allowed me to tan and read my favourite book (Eat, Pray, Love). The house in Tuscany was surrounded by olive, fig and apple trees. I have never tasted such delicious figs in my life and I never wanted it to end. The two days we spent there were incredible and they assured me that we'll be going back again. Apparently, most rich families in Rome also have a home in Tuscany where they stay for the summers to avoid the tourists and, more importantly, the extreme heat. The house was yellow and peeling with gorgeous wooden beams throughout the interior. It was like a cottage, but much bigger, and there were mosaic tiles inside. Being in Tuscany made it easy for me to think clearly about all the places I want to travel to and what things I want to accomplish while I'm here.

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